Applicable for company accounts registered after April 8th

Before diving into details, we will show you the main points to understand how Subscriptions at Rydoo function.

Rydoo plans:

  • Rydoo Essentials Plan

  • Rydoo Pro Plan

  • Rydoo Enterprise (This plan can't be bought online)

To see a quick summary of each, check out our pricing page.

Rydoo charges you per seat

  • You pay for seats (or also known as licenses). The price for one seat depends on the plan and interval you chose.

  • A seat concept is independent from the activated user. This means that you can have many users on your Rydoo account but if you bought 5 seats, you can maximum activate 5 users as well. If you need more employees at your company to have an account, you'd need to buy more seats.

  • The minimum number of seats you can buy is 5, regardless of the plan you choose.

  • You can buy extra seats at any time of your subscription.

Renewals are automatic

Your subscription is renewed automatically. If you cancel it after the renewal took place, you will be charged for the next period and no refund will be valid. But don't worry, you can always see for when is the renewal schedule, on the Plan & Billing page, and we will also notify you via email beforehand.

Billing Intervals

  • You can choose between monthly and yearly billing. In both cases, the payment is collected upfront for the entire billing period. By choosing the yearly plan, you get a discount of up to 40%.

  • The total amount for your subscription depends on the number of seats you've bought (min. 5 seats). You will be able to activate as many users as you have licenses.

  • You don't have to decide this number right away. You can add extra licenses or remove them at any time. The amount charged will be prorated.

  • If any of the users is deactivated, you can use that license again.

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