What is a billing interval?

  • When configuring your plan you can choose between monthly or yearly payments.

  • This means your subscription will be renewed every 1 month (if you chose the monthly interval) or 12 months (if you chose the yearly interval).

  • Once you have chosen the billing interval and paid for the subscription, it remains valid until the last day of the billing period.

  • However, you can change the billing period at any time by selecting the change option in the Plan and billing tab. The change will take effect for the subscription renewal date.

Example: You paid for the monthly Growth plan. After a few days, you switch to the yearly option on your Plan and Billing page. When your monthly subscription ends we will charge your card for the annual plan and automatically grant you the 40% discount.

How to change your billing interval?

You can change your billing interval at any time in the overview tab.

  • Go to the admin settings in the purple navigation bar at the left.

  • Click Plan and billing in the sidebar.

  • You'll land on the overview tab on the plan and billing page

  • Click on switch to monthly/yearly next to your billing.

  • A window pops up: the billing interval you are currently using and it's pricing is shown and you will see what the difference in price will be when changing to a different interval.

  • When ready, click on "Switch to monthly" or "Switch to yearly"


If you are on a yearly plan, and would like to change to a monthly one, you can use the same flow as explained above. Once the process is done, remember that the changes will only take place after your current subscription period is over.

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