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  1. Definitions: Seats versus active users

  2. How to manage your sears

  3. How to purchase more seats

  4. How to remove seats

Definitions: Seats vs active users

  • Seats: These are the licenses you are purchasing.

  • Active Users: Users with an "active status" on the Users page. When active they take a seat purchased. This also means an active user can log in to their accounts on Rydoo and make use of it.

You can have as many active users as you have seats. This means that you can have many users on your admin's users page, however, if you have bought only 5 seats, only 5 of all your users can have the status "active" and therefore log in to their Rydoo accounts and make use of it.

How to manage Seats:

  • When upgrading the account for the first time you decide the number of licenses you need for your company. The minimum number of licenses is 5. The number of licenses also cannot be lower than the number of active users you already have on your account.

  • Once you purchase the seat, you own it till the end of the current billing period. When the user assigned to this seat is deactivated, the seat can be used by someone else.

  • You can always check how many seats are already in use on the Overview tab:

    • Go to the admin settings in the purple navigation bar at the left.

    • Click Plan and billing in the sidebar.

    • You'll land on the overview tab in the Plan and billing page

    • Here you can see the total amount of licenses you have and how many are being used

Adding seats

You can purchase extra seats at any point of your billing period, regardless of the billing interval. The purchase will be processed right away and you will get extra seats immediately. What's more, the price for extra licenses is prorated. That means you will pay only for the remaining days until the end of the current billing period. Adding extra seats can be done easily:

  • Go to the admin settings in the purple navigation bar at the left.

  • Click Plan and billing in the sidebar.

  • You'll land on the overview tab on the Plan and billing page

  • On the right-hand side, you can click add seats

  • Chose the number of seats you want to add

  • The price of the extra seats will be visible at the bottom

IMPORTANT - Activating a user when all seats (licenses) are being used

  • When you want to add or activate new users, double-check if you have any free seats.

  • If all of the seats you have purchased are being used, and on top, you activate one more user when on the user's page, we will automatically add a new seat to your pool and charge you for it. Your card will be charged pro-rata and you will find the invoice for this transaction in your mailbox and in the Invoices tab.

Removing seats

Seats are owned until the end of the billing period. If you would like to pay for fewer seats at your renewal, make sure you have as many seats used as you want to pay for at your renewal.

For example: You bought an annual subscription for 10 seats, but you only used 8 most of the time. At the renewal date, we will reduce the number of seats to "8" and generate a new annual subscription only for those 8 seats.

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