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How we prorate your bill

We know we've used the word 'prorate' a lot, so we want to provide some more context. We adjust the amount we bill you so you only pay for what you're getting and for the time you're getting it. Remember, we charge for seats (licenses) not users. So:

  • Every time you want to upgrade the plan (Starter to Growth), buy extra seats, or change intervals during the current billing period - you can do that.

  • For new seats, you only pay for the fraction of the billing interval that they belonged to. When removing seats, this is not possible. Seats are own during the whole billing period.

  • For upgrading, you only pay the difference in price multiplied by the number of seats you have. Access to extra services is granted immediately. The payment also takes place immediately.

  • In any case, when adding seats, upgrading, or changing intervals, we show all calculations at the checkout modal.

How are you billed for adding new seats?

Regardless of whether you're paying yearly or monthly, our system reviews how many seats you've added and charge you for it as soon as it happens.

  • On a monthly plan, this means that if you add seats in the middle of the month, you will be charged immediately only for the extra seats and only for the days left in that month. The next month you will be charged fully for the billing interval and for all the existing seats. Here's an example of this in action:

  • On a yearly plan, this follows the same logic as for the monthly interval. If at any point of the year you purchase seats, you pay for it at that same moment. The amount you pay is based on the seats you bought and the price prorated on the remaining days of your existing billing interval. Here an example.

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