What does the integration do?

The Rydoo - Personio integration automatically synchronizes employees data from Personio to Rydoo, making sure that your employee's information is always consistent and up-to-date on both systems.


  • New users created on Personio will automatically be created on Rydoo.

  • Any changes on Personio such as reassignment of supervisors or cost centers will also take place on Rydoo.

  • Rydoo takes care of the maintenance and mapping updates.

  • The synchronization happens daily.

How does the mapping look like?

Field description

Field in Personio

Field in Rydoo

Email of the user. This property needs to be unique in your Rydoo account.



First name of the employee

First name

First name

Last name of the employee

Last name

Last name

Status of the user. Onboarding and active enables the user in Rydoo. Leave and Inactive disables the user in Rydoo

If custom field is used value should be "active" for every user that should be synced as active in Rydoo.



Direct manager of the employee and approver/controller in Rydoo. There can only be 1 direct manager. If there is no supervisor then there is no approver/controller set in Rydoo

In case you select another field than Supervisor, the data in this filed should be the e-mail address of the approver.



Approver(1st level) or Controller(2nd level)

The Sub company in Personio maps to a branch in Rydoo. The branch Id of the branch needs to equal the name of the Sub company
(Make sure your Personio plan includes Sub companies)



A cost center in Personio maps to a group in Rydoo. The name of the cost center maps to the group Id in Rydoo. Users can only be part of 1 cost center.

When a cost center is created the name of the department is added as a group name.

Group Id = Cost center

Group name = department

Cost center (*configurable)


GroupID = Cost center

GroupName= department

A field in Personio where Unique Id/employee is stored can be synced to Rydoo as User Id.

Custom Field (*configurable)

User Id

When a user is created in Rydoo the unique user identifier is set in Personio as a dynamic field.



Sync the IBAN number to Rydoo from Personio to be able to reimburse users based on this information.

Custom Field


*configurable = It is possible to select any other field from Personio from where the information should be synced.

Example: Instead of syncing data of Approvers to Rydoo from the standard ´Supervisor´ field of Personio it is possible to specify an alternative field.

Set up of the integration

Step 1: Add RydooUserId as a field on the employee profile.

  1. Navigate to Employee information in the configuration of your Personio account

  2. Create a section and name it Integrations

  3. Add an attribute to the section

  4. Name the field RydooUserId and select General as an input type.

Step 2: Set up API access for your Personio account

  1. Navigate to the API page in the configuration of your Personio account

  2. Generate API access credentials. You will be able to download a .txt file that contains the access credentials to the API. You can only have one pair of access credentials. You will need to use the same credentials for each tool that is integrated with your Personio account.

  3. Share the credentials with a Rydoo Solution Engineer. You can send those via email or Dashlane for example

  4. Navigate to the Access tab on the API page in the configuration of your Personio account.

  5. Click edit and add the following fields to the list:

    • First Name

    • Last name

    • Email

    • Status

    • Supervisor

    • Last modified

    • Sub company

    • Cost center

    • Department

    • Rydoo UserId

Error handling

An e-mail should be provided to Rydoo in order to receive error messages when there was some error or missing information in the Masterdata.

Provide set-up information to Rydoo

  • Contact your dedicated Customer Success manager or in case you don't have one, send the information to [email protected]. You can share via a secure platform like Dashlane to share confidential information.

    1. API Client ID:

    2. API Client Secret:

    3. Is the standard Cost Center field used?

    4. E-mail address for error messages:

Rydoo fields

Personio fields (name of the field)


Approver or Controller (select 1)

Group ID

User ID



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