What does the integration do?

The Rydoo - Personio integration automatically provisions your employee data from Personio into your Rydoo account. The sync happens daily and will create and update users in Rydoo, assign the supervisors as approvers in Rydoo and assign each user to the correct cost center.

Set up of the integration

Step 1: Add RydooUserId as a field on the employee profile.

  1. Navigate to Employee information in the configuration of your Personio account

  2. Create a section and name it Integrations

  3. Add an attribute to the section

  4. Name the field RydooUserId and select General as an input type.

Step 2: Set up API access for your Personio account

  1. Navigate to the API page in the configuration of your Personio account

  2. Generate API access credentials. You will be able to download a .txt file that contains the access credentials to the API. You can only have one pair of access credentials. You will need to use the same credentials for each tool that is integrated with your Personio account.

  3. Share the credentials with a Rydoo Solution Engineer. You can send those via email or Dashlane for example

  4. Navigate to the Access tab on the API page in the configuration of your Personio account.

  5. Click edit and add the following fields to the list:

    • First Name

    • Last name

    • Email

    • Status

    • Supervisor

    • Last modified

    • Sub company

    • Cost center

    • Department

    • Employee ID

    • Rydoo UserId

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