Reach out to your dedicated CSM in Rydoo (or message [email protected]) concerning the SSO migration from an existing SSO provider (ADFS, Azure, Okta, etc) to a different provider OR in case your certificate is close to the expiry date.

Step 1: Rydoo will request the signing certificate and metadata URL (or metadata XML file) from you.

Step 2: Agree together with Rydoo on when the change would occur.

Step 3: Plan accordingly. In order not to interrupt the authentication process for end users using Rydoo.

Step 4: Send out emails to your users informing them that they won't be able to log in to Rydoo during this time period.

Step 5: Rydoo then will update the SSO configuration for the account.

Step 6: Validate the changes, test, and confirm that you are able to access Rydoo without issues.

Step 7: Schedule a debugging session in case there is an issue with the migration.

Step 8: Great Job! Migration completed!

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