This article is for U.S. pharmaceutical and medical companies who need to report expenses on Health Care Providers (HCP) for the Open Payments disclosure program.

A typical example: A drug manufacturer salesperson asks to speak with a physician about a new drug. The salesperson and physician meet for lunch, and the salesperson pays for the meal. The amount attributed to the physician will need to be recorded and reported by the company to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services on an annual basis.

Here's what we'll cover in this article:

Adding HCP attendees to the expense

(for the user)

Similar to how you can add attendees to expenses, you can search and add your HCP attendee(s) in the comment field of your expense.

The difference between a normal guest and an HCP guest is in the extra HCP detail. Additional information such as the HCP's National Provider Identifier (NPI) number, zip code and state are also included.

This means you can also search for your HCP on their exact NPI number as well :)

Expense amounts are split evenly among all attendees.

Can't find the HCP attendee? See below on how you can add a new HCP guest.

Add new HCP guests via email

(for admins and users in the U.S. branch)

Instructions on how to add new guests to the HCP list:

  • Send a .csv file with the NPI number(s) of health care practitioners to [email protected].

  • The .csv file will be read out and validated against the NPI government database ( (This is the step where we gather the additional details from the NPI records, such as name and zip code)

  • Once validated, the user will receive an email confirming the upload

Now, the HCP guest(s) will be available for all users in your Rydoo account.

Setup & enable HCP guest list for your users

(for the admin)

Setting up your HCP guest list for the first time?

  • Please prepare an initial list of HCP guests to load (Same instructions as above on how to add new HCP guests via email)

  • The guest list should cover for most of the HCPs your users will need for mentioning attendees to their expenses, so feel free to start with a broader data set if needed

  • Any user in the US branch (at the time of setup) will be able to add additional guests to this list in the future. If other users outside of the US branch will need to help add HCP guests to the company guest list, please send over their emails to us, and we'll get them set up right away

If you are uploading a large set of NPI records, here are best practices for an optimal setup of guest users:

  • upload no more than 2500 NPIs at a time

  • do not attach more than one .csv file per email

  • wait for the confirmation of the first upload before sending the next batch

As soon as the guest list is loaded, your users can start to capture the HCP data in their expenses.

HCP report structure (available only via the Rydoo Insights Module)

This report shows expenses on the HCP level. Rydoo will extract the expense details where there is an HCP external attendee mentioned in the expense. Using the NPI number record from the expense, we fetch additional details (such as license number and zip code) from the NPI database.

Here is what's included in the standard HCP report export:



Attendee Type

Will always show as "HCP Professional"

Attendee Name

HCP attendee mentioned in the comment field by the employee. Full name available via NPI database

HCP Company Name

Available via HPTC database


Available via NPI database


NPI number of the HCP attendee

License Number 1/2

Available via NPI database

License Number 2/2

Available via NPI database

License State 1/2

Available via NPI database

License State 2/2

Available via NPI database

Address 1

Available via NPI database

Address 2

Available via NPI database


Available via NPI database


Available via NPI database

Zip Code

Available via NPI database

Attendee Amount

Amount allocated to this attendee

Transaction Date

Transaction date of the expense

Expense Type

Name of the expense category

Payment Type

Will show "Cash" or "Credit Card"

Expense ID

XPD reference


Full name of employee who submitted the expense

Employee ID

User ID of the employee who submitted the expense

Branch ID

The branch or legal entity of the employee


Name of the branch of the employee

[Custom Field 1]

Expense custom field (e.g. "Product")

For more information on this feature or how you can access the HCP report via Rydoo Insights, please reach out to one of our customer success managers or sales representatives.

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