Before we begin, please note that this instruction applies to companies who opt for API Integration. If you would like to use this feature, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or reach out to [email protected]. We will need to enable API access for your account before you can get started.

How to generate API Credentials?

1. Go to Admin > Users > Look for the user who will be responsible for API > Check/Mark API Access checkbox > Click Save.

2. Go back to the Admin > API Credentials tab > Click on Create credentials button.

3. Once you click the Create credentials button, the system will generate a Client ID and Client Secret. Kindly copy and save the Client Secret as it is only visible once.

4. Update the scopes per data (Full access, Read-only, Write-only, or Disabled), name, and contact email as needed.

5. Click on Save.

Reset Client Secret

If you forget to save the client secret, you can always reset it and the system will generate a new one for you.

Important! Please save it before closing the tab.


Below is an example set up for trying out the access credentials in Postman:

For more details, you can always go to our developers portal.

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