Rydoo made limiting categories to groups easier using an import file. This is used when creating multiple new categories with a group limitation or when moving a couple of existing categories from one group to another. Here's how:

Step 1: Download the export file

Go to Admin > Under Fields section, choose Categories and click the Export All button.

Step 2: Add/Edit Group Name

In the Group Name column, enter the new group where the category should be moved to.

Step 3: Import

Go back to the Admin > Categories page and click the Import button.

Import categories page appears

You can drag and drop your saved file on this page or click on the Upload file to manually select your saved file. And when the import has been uploaded, a pop-up message will appear confirming whether the import was processed or not.

Step 4: Check the import results

On the top of the categories page, the import file status will tell you whether the upload was successful or has failures.

If failed, you may view the cause of the import failure. Here's how it looks:


  • You can only limit the category to a new group if it is under the same branch.

  • Moving an existing category from one branch to another is one of the system's limitations. You can then create a new category for the new branch and set the category with the old branch to inactive.

  • The maximum number of groups that could be limited to a single category is 200 groups.

  • Add a forward slash to the group name ONLY IF your group name includes a comma (,) e.i. Product, Marketing to Product\, Marketing.

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