In the users overview, you can immediately see names, email, group, access rights and the status of the specific user.

When you click the name of the user, you can see its profile opening from a side panel:

Here a description of each tab:

  • The ACCOUNT tab, this is where you can view if the Approver, Controller, Group and Status.

  • The ROLES tab, this is where you can assign the Roles to a user. Toggle to enable the role (Finance, Treasurer, Analyst, Administrator).

  • The DETAILS tab, this is where you can see user Personal Information and Properties.

  • The Preferences - This will allow you to change your preferences for the following; Interface language, Default currency, Display currency, Date format, Distance unit, Decimal separator

+ Add Filter, when click, this will provide you the option to filter the Status, Branch and Group.

+Add Filter > Status: This will filter the Active and Inactive users.

+Add Filter > Branch: This will filter user by the Branch:

+Add Filter > Group This will filter user by the Group:

EXPORT- This will allow you to Export Users, Export Approvers, Export Controllers, Export out of office approvers, Export linked account.

IMPORT - this allows you to Import users, Import approvers, and Import Controller.

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