The ACCOUNT tab, this is where you can view if the Approver, Controller, Group and Status.

To add or edit the account details.

Click on name of the user. A new screen will show up in the right side of your screen.

Approved / Controlled by - This is where you can add/edit the approver and controller.

  • To add the Approver click the approve line.

  • Select the name of the Approver from the list, then Save.

  • Click the back arrow, to go back to the Account details page.

  • The approver is now added to the account.

    Note: To add or edit the Controller, please follow the same steps provided when adding approver.

Approver / Controller of - This will make this user as the approver/controller of all users or you can just select one user.

  • To add a user, click +Add

  • Select approver or controller

  • When in the Select User screen, you can click All Users or Select users > Save.

    Click the back arrow, to go back to the Account details page.

  • The users are now added.

    Note: When the user has an approver or controller role, the Out of Office tab will be activated.

Group Membership, define to which Group this user belongs to.

  • Click '+Add' to assign the user to a group. Select the Branch, Group and Start Date, click SAVE.

Status, this is a user status. Active or Inactive users.

Note: If you just created a user, when enable the users will receive an invitation email that the user Rydoo account is activated and to set a password.

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