Here in Rydoo, Administrators could easily generate a report using export files. You can export the following file: Export Users, Export Approver, Export Controller and Linked accounts.

  • Go to Admin > when in USER MANAGEMENT Select Users > Click the Export drop down list.

  • When the list shows up, select the file that you would like to export.

  • A confirmation message in green will appear on the top of your screen when the download file is complete. Click DOWNLOAD to view the file.

Export User - contains all user data entered in the company account.

Sample File:


  • To import users using an XLSX file, use this template.

  • Fill in the XLSX file


  • Do not make any changes to our XLSX file or the upload will not work.

  • Leave columns blank if you do not need them.

  • To fill out this template, please make sure to delete the first row (Sample)

Export Approver - contains first line approver and users.

Sample file

Export Controller - contains export second line approvers and users

Sample File

Export Linked Accounts - contains an overview of all connected accounts within Rydoo.

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