You can set your expense or trip approval in Rydoo into two levels. From the End-users submitting the expense to the approver (first line approver) then controllers (second line approver) and Finance (Accounting Team). If you are new to the Rydoo, you may check how the approval flow works and all roles within Rydoo below:

Approval Flow Page

To activate the controller module, you can simply click on the +Enable button.

Approval Flow Settings

Modules - is where you can set whether the approval is for Expenses, Cash Advances or Trips.

Approver Assignment - is where you can set what approval level the system will follow. You can set it per:

  • Users

  • Groups

  • Branches

  • Projects

  • Custom Fields


  • The approval flow page is a company setting which means that all changes within this page are effective immediately and will be applied to all users.

  • You may also set different assignments per approval and controlling.


    Approval = User level assignment

    Controlling = Custom field level assignment

  • Once you set the approval flow, you can then proceed in assigning the approver or controller roles to the appropriate roles to users.

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