Due to the complexity of Austrian per diems, an extra rule needs to taken into consideration when calculating Austrian calendar day per diems: You are not to exceed a whole fraction (e.g. 12/12, 4/4, 3/3) in one calendar day.

This scenario generally arises when a trip returns a domestic and international per diem on the same day. In such cases, the rule states that the international per diem takes precedence over national (which means you will need to deduct any excess from the domestic part of the per diem).

Here's an example of how a rate deduction is applied

The following is an example trip where the denomination is in 12ths

1) Look for multiple per diems on the same day

2) Add the fractional per diems that occur on the same day

From the "Type" column, (6/12 + 9/12) = 15/12

3) Deduct any excess from the domestic part

15/12 is greater than 12/12, so you will need to calculate the amount to deduct: (15/12 - 12/12) = 3/12

This deduction can be performed by the user themselves or a controller.

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