The TravelPerk integration aims to reduce the time spent managing business travel and eliminate manual work to create expenses after booking your trips. All you have to do is connect your Rydoo to your TravelPerk account, and you’re all set up.

If you don’t have a TravelPerk account, please get in touch with TravelPerk directly.

What does the integration do?

All bookings made in TravelPerk will be sent to Rydoo, and expenses will be created automatically. The integration synchronises:

  • Expense Date: the date the sale was incurred

  • Amount and Currency

  • Merchant: Already defined as TravelPerk to facilitate your reports.

  • TravelPerk Invoice number (we don’t show the actual invoice for privacy reasons, the Travelperk admin can retrieve it from

  • A Rydoo Trip based on the Travelperk trip data. The Rydoo trip is only created for travellers. A booker who booked for other people but is not travelling won't get a Trip in their Rydoo account

  • Payment method

How does Rydoo know which employee’s account to create the expense for?

The expense will be created in Rydoo that matches the booker’s email address from TravelPerk.

Travelperk expenses are already paid for, which payment method do they have in Rydoo?

By default, all expenses coming from Travelperk will have the “Paid in Travel platform” payment method and will be set to non-reimbursable. Be aware that it is still possible to manually change this.

What is the advantage of trips in Rydoo?

For every traveller, a trip will be created in Rydoo. Trips allow for a clear overview of all expenses made during a trip. On top of that it also you can also create per diems if needed. (For more info on Per Diems:

Which Travelperk plan do I need to be on in order to use the integration?

You need to be on the Travelperk Premium or Pro plan in order to use the integration. This is also the case for your Travelperk sandbox account.

Best practices for admins

  1. Enable Trips in Rydoo — if you haven’t already. You can do this by going to Admin > Advanced settings > App settings and enabling the “Activate Trips” toggle

  2. We strongly advise against using Trip approval in Rydoo in combination with the Travelperk integration. The trips have already been approved and paid for in Travelperk, so an extra layer of approval only adds an unnecessary hurdle. You can check if it’s enabled for your account by navigating to Admin > Advanced settings > App settings and check if the “Activate approval for trips” is unticked.

  3. Add an expense rule that auto-approves all expenses with the “Paid in travel platform” payment method, this way the trip that was already approved in Travelperk doesn’t have to be approved again in Rydoo.

  4. Let every employee book their own trip. This way it’s possible to group and allocate ALL costs from a trip to exactly one employee. In case the booker books for multiple trips the expenses will all be attached to him/her. It is then still possible to split the expense amongst the other travellers by @-ing them in the comment section.

  5. Configure the billing cycle to be immediate in your invoice profile in the Travelperk settings. This will ensure that invoices will be created upon booking and synced directly to the employee's Rydoo account. However, if billing cycles are not set to “immediate” in Travelperk, the trip will only appear in Rydoo at the same time the invoice is issued. The expense date will also reflect the date of the invoice*.*

How to connect Rydoo & TravelPerk?

  1. Go to your "Admin Setting" (you can find it on the left), and under "Account Settings", you must select "Integrations".

    Note: For the activation, you must be the admin of both accounts.

  2. Once you are on the integrations page, you can click on Connect in the TravelPerk section.

  3. You will be redirected towards a TravelPerk widget to authorise Rydoo to access your account in TravelPerk.

  4. The integration is enabled and ready to synchronise your bookings and expenses.

Please configure the billing cycle to be immediate in your invoice profile. This will ensure that invoices will be created upon booking and synced directly to the employee's Rydoo account.

What about my past TravelPerk invoices?

The invoices will only be synched when the integration is enabled. Past invoices will not be synced.

How to get started as a user?

  1. Book a trip in TravelPerk.

  2. Go to your Rydoo ACCOUNT.

  3. Click on “Expenses" on the left and select “All” to check the synced invoices.

  4. Select the expense with TravelPerk merchant.

  5. Tap and choose the best Group and Category for that expense.

For every trip created in Travelperk, a trip is automatically created in Rydoo:

  1. Click on the “Trips” tab in the navigation bar. (If Trips isn’t enabled in Rydoo, you can ask your admin to do so by going to Settings > Advanced settings and toggling the “Activate trips” box)

  2. Click on the Trip with the same name as the one you created in Travelperk

  3. On this page, you can see all costs related to this trip. All employees can also add this Trip to all future expenses made during the trip.

  4. If your company uses Per diems you can also add them at the bottom of the page. (For more info on per diems:

How to test the integration?

We understand that you might want to test out the integration before you want to enable it for your Rydoo account. There are two options to test out the integration.

1: Enable the Travelperk integration on your trial or paid account in a production environment

At any time, you can connect your Rydoo production account to your Travelperk production account. Both accounts will have real invoice and expense data. Activate the integration on the following page:

Pro tip: Once the integration is enabled all future invoices will be synced. If you have the finance role, you will be able to see all synched invoices by searching for the merchant Travelperk.

Travelperk Production:

2: Connect the Travelperk Sandbox account with the Rydoo Sandbox account

When applicable, during the implementation of Rydoo you will get access to the Sandbox environment of Rydoo. If you set up the Travelperk integration on that account you can only connect to the Sandbox environment of Travelperk.

Please reach out to your account manager at Travelperk to discuss access to your Travelperk Sandbox account. Please talk with your customer success manager at Rydoo to discuss access to your Rydoo Sandbox account.

Important! It's not possible to mix Production and Sandbox environments.

Please let us know via [email protected] or talk with your Customer Success Manager if you have any further questions.


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