Mileage is used to report car-related expenses that are incurred when the vehicle is used for business purposes. In this article we will explain how to add a mileage expense and which other actions such as adding a destination are possible.

Please note that this feature may be disabled based on your company’s policy.

Add a mileage expense

1. Go to the Expenses page and click + Add Expense. From the drop-down menu, select Add Mileage.

2. The Add Mileage page will show from the right side of the screen. Fill in the From and To fields first.

3. The map showing the locations entered will show on the page with the Route and total Distance populated by Google Maps.

4. Fill in all required fields and click Save or Submit.

Add or edit destinations

  • Add destination - For multiple legs, you may add another route by clicking the + Add destination button and an additional To field will appear.

  • Drag to reorder - Hover your mouse over the left side of the From and To fields and more options icon will appear. This will give you the access to drag re-arrange the destinations as necessary.

  • Delete destination - Click on the x icon to delete.

  • Add a destination as a favourite - Add a destination as a favourite by clicking the star.

Change distance or route

  • Change mileage distance - This is configurable depending on the company’s policy. If enabled, users can override the distance calculated by Google Maps.

  • Change routes - Change the default route by choosing from the Route field drop-down list.

Round trip

Mark/Check this check box when you drove the same route back. This will double the total number of calculated distances.


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