As a user, you could still edit an already submitted expense by using Recall button.

NOTE: This is only possible if the expense hasn't been approved yet. Also, the recall function is configurable, depending on your company's preference. If you don't have the option to recall an expense, but you want to edit or delete it, we advise to contact your company's responsible.

1. Check the expense status.

  • Go to Expenses > ALL EXPENSES, all expenses will appear in this tab regardless of the status.

  • You can also use the + Add Filter to view the Status or Expense Type.

2. Select the submitted expense > Click Recall on the top or Open the expense in question > Click Recall button.

3. A banner with "Expense recalled" will appear at the bottom of your screen and the expense will be tagged as Recalled.

4. Recalled expense/s will then be available under the "TO DO" list. Edit the necessary information.

5. Click Save or Submit.

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