You can delete the expense when it has not been submitted yet. This means the status of the expense needs to be to be verified, to submit, rejected, or recalled.

1. Go to Expense > Under the TO DO column, select the expense(s) by checking the box.

2. Click the Actions drop-down menu > Select Delete.

3. A pop-up message will appear. Select Delete to continue or Cancel to discontinue.


  • Once the expense entry is deleted, you can no longer retrieve them.

  • If the expense was already submitted, but you want to delete or edit it, then you can recall the expense, if it hasn't been approved/controlled/reported yet.

  • Deletion of expenses is a role-based setting that can be turned on and off depending on your company's policy. If you don't see the "delete" option, kindly reach out to your company administrator internally.

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