If you create an expense where you were not the sole participant and also paid for colleagues or externals, then it is useful to tag these in the expense so that your company knows who participated.

1. You can do this by entering them in the comment field with the "@" sign.

2. When you enter the "@", a drop-down menu with your different colleagues will appear.

a) Either select one of your colleagues from the drop-down menu.

b) Or add an external attendee. If you want to add a person from outside your company, you can click on "+ Add external attendee" and enter the name, company, and email (optional) to add him to your guests who will be stored in the list for the future:

3. After saving the changes to the expense you can see that the attendees were added successfully when their names are highlighted in blue, and the expenses will show an even split among all attendees, including the user who submitted the expense.

NOTE: The maximum number of attendees varies on the number of characters inside the comment section. Maximum of 2000 characters.

Error message "The mentioned user's full name is not valid":

If after adding your attendee, you get a pop-up message saying "The mentioned user's full name is not valid", please check if there is a white space after the attendee's name and delete it.

IMPORTANT: Unlike User Guest, a Company Guest is available on the company level, this means any user in the company can find and add this specific company guest as an attendee at their expense. Also, it’s only possible to create company guests via an API (there’s no user interface for it like you have with user guests). For more information about API click here.

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