Depending on your company setup, your expense goes through a specific approval workflow and receives different status before reaching your finance department.

When the status of your expense is reported, it means it has been included in the accountancy report and a reimbursement can be expected, if it's applicable.

To check where your expense is now, the stages it went through and who is your approver/controller, you can go to ACTIVITY. Simply go to the Expenses tab > click ALL EXPENSES > select an expense > On the right pane, choose ACTIVITY.

This section will give you the following details:

  • Date and Time Stamps

  • Action Taken

  • Who did the action

  • Expense ID

  • Approver and/or Controller Name.

NOTE: Each expense has a unique Expense ID (ex: XPD123456789). You can use this ID code in the search filter to find your expense quickly.

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