Step 1

The customer should contact CornerCard and request them to send transactions to Rydoo.

Step 2

Technical specification:

  • Application Name: Rydoo

  • Application Type: Hosted

  • Format: CornerCard format

  • Transmission Type: Push

  • Destination Server DNS:

  • Transmission Protocol: SFTP SSH (secure shell SSH authentication)

  • Transfer PASS Email: [email protected]

  • Transfer FAULT Email: [email protected]

  • PGP Encryption: Yes

  • Custom File Name: Yes (defined by CornerCard)

  • Would you like to specify a file path for where the file will be placed: Yes (/CreditCard)

  • Will the file be received by an application running on a Windows Operating System platform? : Yes

  • Frequency: Daily

Step 3

Rydoo CSM can share SFTP credentials with Cornercard if required.

Step 4

The customer can request the transaction provider to send the data feed from a specific start date to Rydoo.

Step 5

Once the transaction feed is set up and the files are sent to Rydoo, CornerCard will request Rydoo to confirm if the file was successfully transferred.

This can be checked in Rydoo by CSM using the filename.

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