Why should I integrate my HR tool with NetSuite?

You may want to consider integrating your HR tool with NetSuite in case you don't store your company HR data in NetSuite.

The Rydoo NetSuite bundle will only function if both the import and export functions of this connector are simultaneously used.

The data you import from your NetSuite account to Rydoo will be the data we will use to export back to NetSuite on the expenses.

Importing HR data (employee data, cost centers, supervisors) from NetSuite into Rydoo using the connector will save you IT resources and maintenance since this connector is already created by Rydoo.

How can I integrate my HR tool with NetSuite?

BambooHR - NetSuite integration connector:

HiBob - NetSuite integration connector:

Other HR tools can be integrated with NetSuite using API or other integration methods:

What are the next steps?

  • Contact your Rydoo Customer Success Manager to request the NetSuite connector to be enabled. If you do not have a dedicated CSM reach out to [email protected]

  • Set up the integration between your HR tool and NetSuite

  • Set up the connector between Rydoo and NetSuite

You can watch a sample video tutorial below:

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