With the new personal expense page. You can now add a column to easily see your expense details, delete the column, rearrange the column and adjust the column size.

To add an additional column.

1. Click on the Edit Column.

2. Upon clicking, you will be redirected to the angular page. Here you can add or delete a column.

3. Click the + Add column and the drop-down list will display. Select which column to add.

4. Once done, click Save. A new column successfully added.

To Delete a column, you can simply click on the X icon inline to the column that you wish to be deleted. When done, click Save.

If you want to re-arrange the column that is also possible. Simply hover your mouse into the braille icon and move the column up or down.

You can also adjust the column size. To do this, hover your mouse into the column you wish to adjust. You will see a line beside the column (Drag it to the left or right to adjust)

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