1. Create a Sandbox account for HR connector migration or use your already existing Sandbox account for testing.

2. Once the account is set up, provide your dedicated CSM with the information requested to enable the HR connector.
Find information needed in dedicated articles:

2. Verify if the structure in your HR tool matches your structure in Rydoo.

Branches(IDs and Names) in Rydoo and Groups(IDs and Names) in Rydoo should exactly match the HR tool configuration. (see more info on specific fields in the HR connectors articles)


Group name in HR tool: Marketing

Group ID in HR Tool: Marketing

Group name in Rydoo: marketing

Group ID in Rydoo: marketing

Since the naming is not matched, we will create a new group in Rydoo called "Marketing" and assign the users to this group.

!! When creating new groups make sure your expenses are in "reported" status, to avoid any manual changes on expenses or expenses being stuck in the flow.

3. In case you would create new Branches or Groups in Rydoo make sure, tax rates, categories, and rules are correctly configured.

4. After making sure all data is correctly mapped and the data in the HR tool is properly configured you can migrate to Production.

5. Remove all IDs from the RydooUserID custom field of the HR tool (except HiBob).

6. Prior to migrating to Production make sure the Branches and groups are mapped.


1. Will all the expenses created prior to the migration still remain after?

Yes, none of the expenses created prior to the migration will be deleted.

2. Will there be duplicate users if in the account the users already exist?

No, users will not be duplicated but matched by the integration. If a user does not exist yet in Rydoo but exists in the HR tool we will create the user.

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