Why am I asked to split an expense?

Depending on your company's policy, certain categories are needed to be itemized for better reporting. This is commonly set up for Hotel expenses.

How to itemize an expense?

1. Go to the Expenses page and create a new expense.

2. Select the category for which the itemized split is set up and save. (In this example, the split is set up for Hotel category)

IMPORTANT! You will need to click SAVE button before you see the succeeding steps.

3. Split your expenses. There are two ways how to continue:

a) Open the expense you saved and click Submit button.

A pop-up message asking you to split the expense will show. Choose Yes, split expense button.

NOTE: The categories listed on the pop-up screen vary per company. In this example, we created 3 split categories.

b) Open the expense you saved and click the Split Expense button.

4. The split expense page will show you the category you initially selected and the categories that were recommended by your company.

4. Fill in all the required details and make sure that the remaining balance becomes zero.

5. Click Create (#) expenses button.

Here's what it looks like after the itemization:

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