Per diem is an allowance for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses. There are two ways how to create per diem within Rydoo. Feel free to follow which path works best for you.

Create a per diem from the Expense page

1. Go to the Expenses page, click on Add Expenses and select Add Per Diem.

2. Type the name of your trip and click Create from the drop-down menu.

3. Enter your trip details, select a category, fill in all required fields and click Calculate per diems.

4. Check the rates, and select supplements or deductions (only when needed). You may now save the per diem for later or submit them right away.

Here's what it looks like after submission:

Create a per diem from the Trips page

1. Go to the Trips page and select the create a new trip button.

2. Enter your trip name, destination, date, and time information and click the Enable daily travel per diems button.

3. The list of your per diems will be shown on the page. Select the category and save.

4. Go to the Expenses page. Fill in all required fields and submit.

NOTE: The rates are set by your company and can change depending on your trip date, time, and destination.

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