In the .csv, .xlsx and .xml export of your expenses you will find the streaming URLs of both the receipt images as of the attachment. These links will provide you with the orginal images of the expense.

Example of how Rydoo provides the data (SFTP server):

<Image> a1d29197beaa/9c843341-af19-4003-84bb-a1d29197beaa/1b43875e-633e-43ac-8a1c- ad1fd023c490
<Url> c7ab7bcca620/fe8e2033-4c60-470c-aad0-c7ab7bcca620/e8704947-9d56-462b-ae4a-7c1a5a2ff7da/download/false/Expense?d=24032021121727

Proposed Solution

How can I export the files from the streaming links?

If you want to save the images, you can use one of the following methods:

1. Bulk download using a tool

For saving the images in bulk, we advise downloading the images from the URLs via an external tool.

2. Change to a download url

You can also append the image link with the code ?size=original_pdf&download=true to download the receipt images.

BEFORE : Image link we send

AFTER : Altered image link to download

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