What does the integration do?

The Rydoo - F&O integration automatically synchronizes employees' data, and project data from F&O to Rydoo, making sure that your employee and project information is always consistent and up-to-date on both systems.

The connector also synchronizes approved expense data from Rydoo to F&O.

Data Import

  • Employee masterdata

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • E-mail address

    • User Id / Vendor Id

    • Active status

  • Department / Cost center assignment

  • Expense approver assignment

  • Financial dimensions (Custom Field in Rydoo)

Data Export

  • Reimbursable and Non-reimbursable expense sync

  • Approved/ Controlled expenses

  • Mark expenses as "reported" after a successful sync

  • Sync expenses to F&O in "review" stage

  • Reject expenses from D365 F&O

  • Exported fields:

    • Expense date

    • Expense type (expense, per diem, mileage)

    • Category name

    • Account (GL account)

    • Merchant

    • Amount

    • Currency

    • Reimbursable or Non-reimbursable flag

    • Account type (Project, Ledger)

    • Cost Center

    • Custom Fields

    • Unique Id (XPD number)

* Reach out to [email protected] for more detailed information or questions regarding the connector.

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