You can edit expenses in bulk as an end user, if the status of the selected expenses are not submitted yet (so in case of a submitted, approved, controlled or reported expense this expense can not be edited by the end user).

Steps to edit multiple expenses at once.

1. In the Expenses section, select the expenses you would like to edit.

2. You can click on the edit button on top of the table.

Only regular expense can be edited in bulk. Per diem and mileages can be edited via the expense detail flow

3. The multi-edit screen will appear with all possible fields that can be edited.

4. A green checkmark will appear when a new value is selected to be edited on the selected expenses. In case a field remains empty (like tax rates in the screenshot below), the tax rates will not change on the selected expenses.

5. In case your administrator requires you to first select a group, the group field will be shown before editing your expense in bulk.

6. Click Save to store the newly selected values for the expenses.

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