You can define your own per diem lists in 'Company Settings' / 'Per diems' - once this option is activated in the advanced settings: 

The most common lists can automatically be uploaded by clicking on the ‘Select country’-button and selecting the relevant details: 

To create your own list you can click on the button '+ Create your own' and follow the steps shown screen per screen:

The basic elements we need from you are the applicable timeframe, the regions and the amounts. On top of this you can add deductions and overnight stays if applicable for your company.

STEP 1: General info.

STEP 2: Customize your list by adding the necessary amount columns, deductions and overnight staying.

STEP 3: Fill in the needed countries and click on the result shown (so the region code is recognised in the background) and fill in the related values. 

  • Deductions are calculated for you when a percentage is used in STEP 2.
  • You can add the option "Rest of the world" if the same value applies for multiple countries.

More details and information you can find on our per diems portal

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