There are several roles possible in Rydoo:

  • Administrator - will determine the account settings for the entire company
  • Approver - approves or rejects submitted expenses (and trips)
  • Branch Manager - can change some account settings of his branch (≈ limited admin)
  • Finance - has an overview of all the company (or branch) expenses and creates the accounting report
  • Controller - controls or rejects approved expenses
  • Treasurer - can create and oversee the created/used cash advances
  • Director - sees the expenses he has the permission for
  • Personal ( = User)  - adds expenses (and trips)

All the permissions for each role in Rydoo are defined via ‘Roles’ in the company settings.

By clicking on the line of a role, you can check and change permissions where needed. Any changes will be applicable to all users with that role. 

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